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Top 10 Healthcare AI Consulting/Services Companies in UK - 2019

Starting from deep learning algorithms that can read CT scans reports faster than humans to natural language processing (NLP) can process unstructured data in electronic health records (EHRs), the applications for AI in healthcare seem endless. AI is disrupting every industry, but the advances made by the healthcare sector are truly unparalleled. With increasing cost pressure and policy imperatives to manage patients, the need to aggregate data across departments within a healthcare organization has become apparent not only to realize the true potential of AI but also to improve the efficiency of existing data.

Most hospitals already have accumulated several years of data that can be used to generate data models and benefit across clinical, operational, and revenue cycle processes. Also, using AI technology, along with both short-term and long-term strategies, are critical components of any effort to leverage data. AI can process a patient’s data not only to help physicians understand their medical history but also helps in predicting the complications a patient may face and also their possibility of readmission. This feature of AI, in turn, translates to better health outcomes for the patients, and it could also make a difference in improving reimbursements and regulatory compliance.

This edition of Healthcare Tech Outlook features companies such as BluePatient and Granta Innovation which are at the forefront of providing agile AI services. Healthcare Tech Outlook’s editorial board has assessed and shortlisted some of the most prominent organizations in the industry that solve challenges by implementing the current technological trends in the space. Through this special edition, we present to you “Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Consulting/Services Companies in UK - 2019.”

    Top Healthcare AI Consulting Companies in UK

  • 4dface


    4dface Ltd is a team of dedicated computer vision and deep learning experts, specialized in 3D faces and everything around them. The product permits to create 3D face avatars from a single image or regular 2D video footage. The 4dface SDK enables to seamlessly create a 3-dimensional face avatar, without any depth sensor or specialized hardware required. It can detect and track faces on images and videos using the 3D-based algorithms. The 4D Face Model, built from hundreds of physically accurate 3D scans of human faces, features a statistical description of the full-head shape and best-in-class expression variations. The technology can be used to deliver applications in health care, robotics, automotive safety, AR/VR, games and entertainment, marketing research, or whatever your domain might be

  • Babylon


    Babylon has a mission to put an accessible and affordable health service in the hands of every person on earth. Moreover, the company has already started its operations in the UK and Rwanda. Also, their plans about extending their branches in China, the USA, and the Middle East is in progress. Babylon has a team of scientists, clinicians, mathematicians, and engineers who are working to make healthcare delivery affordable and accessible. They are combining the growing power of AI with the best medical expertise of humans through which they can deliver unparalleled access to healthcare, including the personalized health assessments, treatment advice, and even face-to-face-appointments with the doctor that too 24*7

  • BluePatient


    The purpose of BluePatient is to enhance a patient's outcome by artificially interpreting and predicting their abnormalities in health within seconds. The company has created the software in early 2018 by the Pharmeum blockchain project. The innovative solution improves patients' health outcomes by minimizing the potential for a human error. The solution also saves the time that is wasted on data checks by healthcare professionals. Moreover, the solutions have also helped to digitalize outdated paper-based processes. The company believes n incorporating technology in the center of everything, and one such area is the consultation setting. This is an area of the medical sector where currently outdated and ineffective methods are still used while aiding the pharmacist-patient consultation process

  • Brainomix


    Brainomix's vision is to be a world leader in imaging software to support clinical decision making for neurological and cerebrovascular diseases. The company's e-Stroke Suite imaging software provides a rapid and standardized assessment of stroke patients' CT scans, supporting the fast and consistent treatment decisions of medical professionals. They have an expert team of clinicians, stroke neurologists, scientists, business professionals, and engineers who have the necessary insight and experience to confidently serve the world's most demanding clinical communities. Brainomix also has decades of collective experience in stroke neurology, exceptional in-house clinical experts, and also expert technical support

  • Data Language

    Data Language

    Data Language is a highly successful technical consultancy that excels at delivering solutions that carry real business value. The company is based in the UK, and are experts in data-driven product innovation. The engineers do pragmatic data science and build real-world machine learning and AI solutions that deliver real business value. Data Language also has a proven track record in developing and implementing technical and data strategy for leading organizations in digital media, life sciences, scientific publishing, agri-food, government, and finance sectors. The company also provides a range of services, from technical strategy, technical architecture design, technical and data governance, to delivery of full end-to-end solutions, including full-stack software development

  • Deontics


    Deontics Ltd is a leading Artificial Intelligence company with Clinical Pathway and Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSS) solutions, which can enhance patient safety and save money. They also have highly sophisticated software tools, and applications can be used in any clinical environment, whether primary, secondary, or tertiary care. The technologies allow them to build clinical pathways, workflow systems, and clinical decision support systems very quickly and without the need to write computer code. The company has designed systems that promote evidence-based and personalized medicine and have been shown to increase compliance with clinical guidelines by between 13% and 39%

  • GPC


    GP Systems Ltd (GPC) is a health informatics company with over 20 years of experience working with the NHS and healthcare economies throughout Europe, the USA, and now Australia. The company's Australian office is based in Brisbane, Queensland, which is not only ready to service the Healthcare industry but also Law Enforcement, Local Government, and other market verticals requiring 3D Image analytics. Understanding the needs of complex health economics and the realities of the endless intrigues of effective and cost-efficient delivery of care, they have developed a range of primary and secondary care software products to deliver population-level improvements that benefit the needs of the patients as well as cost savings

  • Granta Innovation

    Granta Innovation

    GRANTA INNOVATION understands the potential of artificial intelligence in the health, business, and personal lives of the people. The company offers a full set of services to put the new technologies like deep learning, AI, and ML into practice in their client's organization, based on the leading technology and innovation cluster in Cambridge, UK. Granta Innovation can help their client in implementing AI systems for them. The clients also can get help with the optimization of a business process to putting an AI-enabled solution into production. The company has a team that has built world-leading AI and software systems and continue cutting-edge research for themselves and their customers

  • Massive Analytic

    Massive Analytic

    Massive Analytic Limited is recognized as a leading innovator in AI, big data, and data science. With unique Al and deep learning IP, it has developed algorithms and software for determining optimal decisions across multiple industries, including defense, medicine, smart cities, financial services, and agriculture. The company has made its mission to implement its patented AI technology Artificial Precognition for widespread socio-economic change, another industrial revolution, with AI and autonomous decision making at its core. They also have the vision to become the global category leader for the way people interact with data and control machines with its products Oscar, Nethra, and Aftos

  • Pangaea


    Pangaea helps Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical companies in easier and faster identification of patient cohorts required for drug discovery, clinical trials, early diagnosis, and precision medicine. This is achieved by applying machine learning on patient records, which these companies have accessed from Electronic Health Record systems (EHRs) through their existing partnerships with CROs, hospitals, and other such data providers. Pangaea is headquartered in London and was founded in 2017. Pangaea has world-class domain expertise in bioinformatics, molecular biology, data engineering, machine learning, and, as a result, can create high impact scientific and clinical outcomes