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Top 10 Healthcare AI Companies in Europe - 2019

According to WHO, the number of Europeans aged 85 years and older is projected to rise from 14 million to 19 million by 2020 and to 40 million by 2050. Ageing population poses a threat to the economy as it increases old-age dependency ratio as well as government spending on healthcare and pensions. With healthcare systems under increasing pressure due to staffing levels and financial constraints, AI can truly augment human activity, offering more accurate diagnosis quickly, and aiding decision-making in hospitals.

From hospital care to clinical research, drug development and insurance, AI applications are already revolutionising how the health sector works to reduce spending and improve patient outcomes. The AI can be used as augmented intelligence that enables doctors to perform their best by providing them with timely, data-driven recommendations that they can accept, reject or modify based on their personal expertise and their judgment of the situation context in real-time. Also, the proliferation of AI-based consumer wearables and medical devices helps oversee early-stage heart disease, enabling doctors and other caregivers to monitor and detect potentially life-threatening symptoms at treatable stages.

This edition of Healthcare Tech Outlook features companies such as Promaton and Thirona that are at the forefront of offering agile AI solutions. Healthcare Tech Outlook’s editorial board has assessed and shortlisted some of the most prominent organizations in the industry that solve challenges by implementing the current best practices and technological trends in the space. We present you a special edition on “Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Solution Providers in Europe - 2019.”

    Top Healthcare AI Companies in Europe

  • A Netherlands-based medical devices company, Promaton offers AI-powered software solutions to aid professionals in the dental industry by automating part of their diagnostic operations. The company has two sets of advanced algorithms designed to automate image analysis and virtual treatment simulations. With its 2D algorithms the company enhances the accuracy of image analysis for dentists, reducing costs and saving time. Promaton’s 3D algorithms aid dentists in automating the complicated data processing, segmentation, and 3D modeling specification steps in the creation of a virtual treatment simulation system

  • Aidence


    Aidence brings together the brightest AI and software developers, medical specialists and industry experts to apply AI for automated medical image analysis. The company is a VC-backed startup with the bold ambition to accompany its customers in the transformation of healthcare through cutting-edge deep learning technology. The team is driven by this purpose, with a keen eye on what adds value to their customers and the patients they care for. The human factors that shape Aidence are radiologists provide critical input and feedback, AI developers refine their solution, scientists independently validate the solution, and they are dedicated to improving patient care

  • Chronolife


    Chronolife builds predictive medical solutions to aid in diagnosis through wireless, wearable technology. Chronlife also aims to bring a paradigm shift in the healthcare industry, where they improve quality of life, provide better care, and reduce costs. From 2015 Chronolife is bringing a new era in the field of diagnostics that accompanies doctors & clinicians in faster & more efficient decision making. The solutions offered by the company are Artificial Intelligence, Medical device, and Neuromorphic Engineering. The power of Artificial intelligence & Neuromorphic engineering is harnessed into a disruptive algorithm able to single out & characterize even sparse clinical events

  • EXINI Diagnostics AB

    EXINI Diagnostics AB

    EXINIs most widely distributed platform is used to calculate the automated Bone Scan Index, which quantifies the bone tumor burden in patients with metastatic prostate cancer. This platform has been installed at about 1,000 hospitals worldwide. EXINI Diagnostics AB was established in 1999 to commercialize AI methods for automated analysis of diagnostic images developed by a research group at Lund University. As a certified medical device manufacturer, EXINI has established automated analysis platforms for cardiac, brain, and bone scans. In 2015, EXINI was acquired by Progenics Pharmaceuticals Inc. for developing patient-centric AI technologies for PSMA-targeted theranostic agents

  • iCAD


    Headquartered in Nashua, NH iCAD deals with computer-aided detection, breast cancer, healthcare, colorectal cancer, cancer, xoft electronic brachytherapy system, breast density assessment, breast tomosynthesis, artificial intelligence software solutions, AI, deep learning, skin cancer treatment, breast cancer detection solutions, breast cancer treatment, technology, women's healthcare, and mammography. iCAD offers advanced breast cancer detection solutions built on artificial intelligence, that enable radiologists to find cancers earlier while improving reading workflow. Since 1984 iCAD is one of the best provider of advanced image analysis, workflow solutions, and radiation therapies for the early detection and treatment of cancer

  • Mediktor


    A privately held company, Mediktor is the most accurate AI-based medical assistant for triage, pre-diagnosis, and decision-making support. Mediktor has already performed 3 million symptom evaluations in 181 countries. This has led to the development of an intuition comparable to the full life experience of 10 physicians. The platform has undergone a clinical study with 1,015 patients achieving a success rate of 91.3% accuracy. Special features of the company includes Artificial Intelligence, Symptom Checker, Machine Learning, Triage, Natural Language Processing, Natural Language Recognition, Digital Health, mHealth, eHealth, Healthcare, Medical Device, Health Insurance, Health Tech, Insurtech, Hospital, Emergency Department, Emergency Room, Health Systems, and Medical Schemes

  • Patch


    PatchAI is an AI-powered conversational platform for clinical trials with data collection and analysis in real-time. It is a digital health solution that aids patient engagement and data collection in clinical research. PatchAI is an ideal companion for patients throughout their complicated trial journey, promoting patient retention and engagement through a variety of easy-to-use tools. It is an expansive interface that assists researchers and sponsors in assimilating thousands of data points. With state-of-the-art technology, trial efficiency will reach new frontiers. The platform helps in streamlining the clinical trial network of patients, researchers, and sponsors



    QMENTA is a cloud-based platform using unique AI and ML techniques to store, share, and analyze multi-site medical imaging data throughout clinical studies and trials. It allows experts to save valuable time and money in drug development and empowers their objective decision-making based on imaging data insights. Headquartered in Boston, the company accelerates and improves the chances of successful drug development and clinical care for brain diseases. Their team, composed of 25 international neuroimaging and IT experts, designed a cloud-based platform using unique AI and machine learning techniques and large amounts of MRI and CT brain images drawn from an extensive database

  • Thirona


    A high-tech company focusing on the development and marketing of automated analysis tools for medical images by using state-of-the-art image processing techniques such as deep learning. Since its establishment in 2014, Thirona has developed three software products focusing on the analysis of thoracic CT scans (LungQ), chest X-rays (CAD4TB), and retinal images (RetCAD). Thirona is ISO 13485 compliant, and all products have obtained CE certification and are actively used all over the world. The company’s products use state-of-the-art image processing techniques, such as deep learning. Thirona has developed a cloud solution as a service for its products based on AWS

  • Zebra Medical Vision

    Zebra Medical Vision

    Zebra Medical Vision is the only company that provides an All-In-One (AI1) Solution - access to all of Zebra's AI solutions, integrated into radiologist workflow at an affordable, fixed annual fee. Zebra is empowering radiologists with its revolutionary AI1 offering, which helps health providers manage the ever-increasing workload without compromising quality. The company is specialized in big data, computer vision, healthcare, machine learning, deep learning, medical device, Medical imaging, and radiology. The company's AI solutions analyze millions of clinical imaging data in real-time, detecting various medical indications, enabling it to be the only AI Medical Imaging company with such a wide range of products