Saventic: AI-Based Clinical Decision Support

Saventic: AI-Based Clinical Decision Support

Szymon Piatkowski, CEO, Co-Founder, SaventicSzymon Piatkowski, CEO, Co-Founder, Saventic
The healthcare system is facing significant challenges in terms of shortage of doctors, a growing population of elderly patients with chronic disorders, expanding and constantly evolving medical knowledge forcing dynamic changes in practice, limited access to specialists, and vast amount of medical data harder and harder to analyze. Eventually it all leads to suboptimal functioning, dissatisfaction among patients and doctors, high costs and high morbidity and mortality.

With the power of AI, it is fundamentally changing medicine. This includes early diagnose of patients, treatment methods and their outcomes, and survival rates gathered across millions of patients, geographical locations, and innumerable and sometimes interconnected health conditions. AI helps the medical professionals make the right decisions quickly and assist in narrowing down and simplifying comprehensive data with many possibilities to highly focused diagnoses and treatment options. The resulting outcome improves patient care and saves more lives. For example, IBM Watson’s ability to pinpoint treatments for cancer patients, and Google Cloud’s Healthcare app that makes it easier for health organizations to collect, store, and access data. However, it is crucial that AI has many advantages to support doctors and patients, but the intelligent tools “do not read between the lines” or “are not able to express sympathy for patients.” The solutions should be designed to co-operate and support physicians without interfering the human factor.

Saventic provides next-generation AI-based healthcare services. The firm’s focus is on early diagnosis, effective treatment, and patients’ monitoring. Saventic creates AI algorithms for its clinical decision support platform, SARAH that comprises of three components: primary care, oncology, and rare diseases. SARAH Primary Care reflects solutions with focus on laboratory results analyzer as well as symptom checker, providing support in GP’s everyday work, including automatic description of lab tests, suggesting potential diseases to be considered, as well as recommendations that eliminate the risk of oversight or misdiagnose of conditions.

SARAH Oncology provides GPs, clinics, and hospitals with diagnostic solutions, including early identification of potential progression/relapse. SARAH Rare disease provides assessment and screening tool, indicating those patients that require special attention towards rare diseases such as Gaucher, Pompe, Fabry. SARAH platform engine uses AI algorithms, expert systems as well as natural language processing tools.

Saventic also creates AI algorithms for its external healthcare clients, from supporting the concept phase to end-to-end solution implementation. “Having gained experience in this field We have a good understanding of how complex the process is. From identifying the real problem, managing top of the notch medical and technology teams, finding the effective commercial solution in the public/private payor ecosystem to managing data security – makes it all challenging but also very exciting,” says Szymon Piatkowski, CEO, and Co-Founder of Saventic.

Saventic bases its solutions on machine learning and data mining toolkits like Python, R, CUDA/C++, as well as on proprietary software like Statistica. A variety of problems are considered, like classification (decision trees, SVM), pattern matching (deep learning), or probabilistic graphical models (Bayesian networks).

We are open to implementing our existing AI algorithms or develop together new algorithms with medical providers, patients’ organisation, and pharmaceutical companies to commercialise them via our SARAHplatform

“We are open to implementing ours or creating new AI algorithms with medical providers and pharmaceutical companies to commercialize them via our SARAH platform,” adds Piatkowski. Through its globally accessible clinical decision support platform, the firm offers to make others’ AI solutions commercially available. Additionally, Saventic relieves its clients from the hassle of creating AI solutions for their internal purposes by utilizing its own team to obtain data and perform data science, AI or software work. Forging ahead, Saventic has spent enormous amount of time and gained experience in the most crucial areas in this field: data acquisition process, creating valuable know-how databases, or data protection areas, including mainly compliance with private data protection acts as well as data secure cloud-based data transfers.
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Warszawa, Poland

Szymon Piatkowski, CEO, Co-Founder and Piotr Przymus, Ph.D.,CTO & Co-Founder

The healthcare industry faces significant problems and leads to high cost, dissatisfaction, deaths, or high morbidity. Saventic Health is a med-tech company that creates AI algorithms for the healthcare industry, both for external clients and for their SARAH platform, which is an AI-powered clinical decision support system. Saventic's vision is to provide healthcare services with the power of AI and support doctors through dedicated AI solutions in their every-day activities with patients. Their focus is on early diagnosis, effective treatment, and patients' monitoring. Technology takes healthcare services to undiscovered levels of detection and accuracy